Couple Intensives


Maybe you’re considering separating, or you’re dealing with conflict you haven’t been able to resolve, or you’ve lost the connection you once had.  Maybe you’re dealing with a relationship crisis, such as infidelity.  Or maybe your relationship is strong, and you want to reach a deeper level of intimacy, emotionally and sexually.  A Couple Intensive could be just what you need to jumpstart the changes you’re looking for.

You and your partner will meet with Dr. Chalmer for customized, extended sessions of up to two and a quarter hours each.  Couple Intensives get priority scheduling, and since all sessions are by telehealth (using a HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom), you can attend from anywhere, even if the two of you are in two separate places.

Dr. Chalmer will guide the two of you, individually and together, in experiential and conversational practices designed to open your hearts, promote healing, handle conflicts more effectively, and help you find your path.

Couple Intensive sessions are a great way to begin your couples therapy.  You might find that one or two Couple Intensive sessions are sufficient to get started, perhaps transitioning to shorter therapy sessions after that.  Or, even if you are already doing therapy, you might wish to schedule one or more Couple Intensive sessions as a way of getting unstuck, clarifying difficult issues, and moving past obstacles in your work.  If appropriate, Dr. Chalmer will gladly consult with your individual therapists or other couple therapist, with your permission, to help solidify the progress you’ll achieve through Couple Intensive sessions.

Scheduling Couple Intensives

The first step is to fill out the signup form.  Dr. Chalmer will contact you, and together you’ll schedule the Couple Intensive sessions.

For information on fees for Couple Intensives, follow this link.  Fees for Couple Intensive sessions are paid in advance, to reserve the time.  

Dr. Chalmer does not accept insurance for Couple Intensive sessions – they are offered on a self-pay basis only. If you want to use insurance, ask Dr. Chalmer about scheduling a 45-minute session, for which he does accept insurance. Follow this link for more information.

To arrange for a Couple Intensive, fill out the signup form.