Fees for Couple Intensives

The fees for each Couple Intensive session are as follows:

135-minute session: $450
120-minute session: $400
105-minute session: $350
90-minute session:  $300
75-minute session:  $250

To reserve the time, the full fee must be paid in advance.  You may pay online via credit or debit card using the button below. Please note that if you schedule a time for a Couple Intensive session with Dr. Chalmer but have not yet paid the fee, the time could be offered to someone else.

Dr. Chalmer does not accept any insurance for Couple Intensives, even for part of the time; they are offered as a separate service, on a self-pay basis only.

Cancellation policy for Couple Intensives

Because of the extended time reserved for Couple Intensive sessions, no refund will be made for any cancellation within seven full days of the scheduled time of the session.  No refund will be made for time not used if a session ends before its scheduled time.

Cancellation more than seven full days before the session allows a refund of fees already paid for the session, less the fees Paypal charges (they no longer refund their fees when a refund of a payment is issued), approximately 3%.

To arrange for a Couple Intensive, fill out the signup form.

Make a payment for Couple Intensive

To make a payment for a Couple Intensive, use the button below.  To pay an amount not included in the choices, follow this link.  Please don’t pay until you have been in contact with Dr. Chalmer.

By using the “Pay Now” button below, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the policies regarding fees and cancellations shown above on this page.  If you have any questions, contact Dr. Chalmer.


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No Surprises Act notification

The No Surprises Act, as the name indicates, was designed for situations in which you might be surprised by a large medical bill for services for which you did not know the cost in advance. It’s the kind of situation that arises especially in hospitals, when you may be receiving treatment from many providers, sometimes without consulting you first. In the context of your work with Dr. Chalmer, this situation cannot occur, because you always know the cost of his services beforehand, and can choose to use them or not. However, the law requires that even sole practitioners provide a “Good Faith Estimate” of what your work will cost. Dr. Chalmer’s version of that document is at this link.