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Infidelity is a crisis in a relationship.  You already know that.  If you have just found out your partner has been unfaithful, not only is your trust in your partner damaged, your trust in your own judgment feels shaken as well.

With all the anger, the hurt, and the grief, you may feel that you can never trust someone deeply again.  And whether you are the partner who has learned of the infidelity, or the partner who committed it, you may feel lost and afraid, desperately wondering if your relationship can or should be saved.

Dr. Chalmer has counseled couples dealing with infidelity for over thirty years.  Some couples decide to end their relationship, but many decide they want to find a way to rebuild their trust and heal while staying in the relationship.

And for some of those couples who do stay together, the crisis precipitated by the infidelity can lead, with Dr. Chalmer’s help, to a new, deeper of level of intimacy.  In fact, many couples have come to express gratitude, not for the infidelity itself, but for the ways that the crisis led them to a relationship better than they had ever experienced.

A Couple Intensive with Dr. Chalmer can start the process of healing.

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