My Husband Complains About My Cleaning – What Should I Do?

Does your husband complain about your cleaning?

I’ve noticed that this is one of the biggest topics that people have searched for that brings them to this blog! I can see there are a lot of people who experience this issue.

Judy and I plan to address it again on our “Couples Therapy in Seven Words” podcast.

Update: We did this episode–see below.

Another update: I wrote a book about this! Here’s the link.

And I’ll be addressing it in my newsletter soon, too. So if you’re not already signed up for my newsletter, please do so! Just go to my homepage, brucechalmer.com, and sign up. When you do, you’ll receive a link to download my book “Seven Words to Jump-Start Your Love Life” for free.

And I’d love to hear your particular story, so we can talk about it (anonymously, of course) on the podcast and in the newsletter. So please send it along. You can comment on this post, or email me. I’d love to hear from you!

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