Couples Therapy in Seven Words Podcast

Dr. Chalmer has teamed up with his wife, educator Judy Alexander, to create a podcast, based on the ideas in Dr. Chalmer’s book Reigniting the Spark. They talk about relationships, answer your questions, and interview fascinating people.

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Would you like to be interviewed on the podast?

If you would like to be a guest on the podcast, book a time at this link and tell us what you’d like us to interview you about. (You’ll have a chance to tell us that when you select a time for the interview.)

Maybe you have an interesting question or a difficult situation you’d like us to talk about. Or maybe you’ve written a book, or have your own podcast, or are just generally someone with interesting things to say about relationships. We’d love to hear from you!

If we think you’d be a good fit, we’ll call you at the time you set up. (If not, we’ll let you know!)

By agreeing to be interviewed, you’re agreeing that:

  • You’re allowing us to use our interview with you on the podcast–it’s all “on the record.” We will be editing the interview for length and clarity. You will receive no payment for participating, and the recorded material will be the property of Dr. Bruce Chalmer.
  • We’re not providing any kind of therapy or treatment to you. We’re not establishing any kind of provider-client or doctor-patient relationship. Our only purpose in talking with you is to make an interesting podcast, not to provide you with treatment. We hope you’ll enjoy it!