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"Top Self" podcast

Dr. Chalmer was interviewed on the "Top Self" podcast by the host, Shanenn Bryant. She notes: "In today's episode, I took full advantage of having the great couples therapist, Dr. Bruce Chalmer on and I asked some burning questions for you like: *How to get your partner to go to therapy when they don't want to *What's the first thing you would do if you were working with a couple with jealousy in the relationship *Why couples get it wrong when they say their biggest issue is communication. Bruce shares the idea that couples often choose stability over intimacy and this is what he calls the "death spiral" of passion in a relationship. I loved this topic as it just brings to light how often we push away our true authentic self because we are too afraid of what someone else, in this case our partner, might think. He also compares couples therapy to improv so you'll have to tune in to hear why."

"Unwiring Minds" podcast

Dr. Chalmer was interviewed on the "Unwiring Minds" podcast about the difference between "thinking" and "knowing."

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"It's Not About Communication, with Bruce Chalmer"

Dr. Chalmer was interviewed on Karin Caldi's "Love is Us" podcast.

Picture of article in The Other Paper about Dr. Chalmer's book "It's Not About Communication!"

Article in The Other Paper about New Book

Article in the South Burlington, VT newspaper "The Other Paper" about Dr. Chalmer's book "It's Not About Communication!". It's on page 4 (you'll see a digital image of the printed paper, so flip over to that page)

Dr. Chalmer on "Chapter X" with Michael Kay

Michael Kay’s podcast, Chapter X, focuses on the transition to retirement. Listen to our conversation, where we talked about how retirement can increase anxiety, why couples might seek therapy when one or both retire, and how a mindset of faith can help you prepare for the unexpected emotional challenges of life transitions.

Dr. Chalmer and Judy Alexander on "Intimate Marriage" podcast with Dr. Alexandra Stockwell

In this excerpt from Dr. Stockwell's interview, Bruce and Judy share how he decided to ask his non-therapist wife to join the “Couples Therapy In Seven Words” podcast and they reflect on what they have learned about their relationship because of hosting the podcast together.

Dr. Chalmer and Judy Alexander on the "Head Over Heels Show"

"They talk relationships and marriage, which is one thing that is evident when speaking to them, that they do extremely well. Their dynamic as a couple speaks for itself. It's refreshing to know we have a therapist and educator who clearly practice what they preach!"

Dr. Chalmer's interview on Go Solo

Dr. Chalmer answers questions about his work

Dr. Chalmer and Judy Alexander "GEMS" with Genesis Amaris Kemp

Genesis Amaris Kemp, host of the GEMS podcast, interviews us about the seven-word formula, stability, intimacy, how we met, and a bunch of other fun topics.

Seven Days profile on "Couples Therapy in Seven Words"

Chris Farnsworth profiles Dr. Chalmer, Judy Alexander, and their podcast, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Dr. Chalmer on "Write the Book" podcast with Shelagh Shapiro

Shelagh Shapiro interviews Dr. Chalmer about his book Reigniting the Spark

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