Videos by Dr. Chalmer

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What is A Couple Intensive?
Wondering if you’d benefit from a Couple Intensive with Dr. Chalmer? This video answers your questions.

It’s Not About Communication
Think you need help communicating more effectively? Well–you probably don’t! Dr. Chalmer explains.

Couples Therapy…In Seven Words
A simple seven-word formula, expressing three principles to guide your work.

Sex, Good Sex, and Sacred Sex: Part 1: Plain Old Sex
Sex, Good Sex, and Sacred Sex: Part 2: Good Sex and Sacred Sex
How can you take your sexual relationship from plain old sex, to good sex, to sacred sex?

How Can I Heal From An Affair?
You’ve found out your partner cheated on you. Or, you were caught cheating. Now what?

How Do I Know When To Call It Quits?
You’ve been trying to make things better for what seems like forever. How do you know when to break up?

Why Get Married?
One of you wants to get married, and the other doesn’t. You can’t seem to agree. Why get married anyway? Dr. Chalmer describes a bunch of bad reasons–and one good one.

A Psychologist Talks About Faith
What does faith have to do with relationship issues? Pretty much everything.

Three Steps To Forgiveness
What is forgiveness? Why does it matter? And how do you get there?

Healing From Trauma, Part 1: Why Do I Feel So Crazy?
Healing From Trauma, Part 2: How Can I Heal?
Dr. Chalmer explains how unhealed trauma can affect you, and how you can heal.

Three Things Despair Won’t Let You Know
What can you say to despair?

What To Look For In A Partner
Dr. Chalmer answers a viewer’s question about how to find love.