Where Should I Move For Retirement?

Beth writes:

I am trying to figure out whether a retirement in either New England or Florida is materializing. One or the other would be excellent investments but I seem to have trouble deciding. I have been considering retiring in Europe but am not entirely sure I could adjust to living there. Any suggestions for what to consider? Thanks!

Dr. Chalmer answers:

Beth, let’s see what our readers have to say. Readers, how have you made this kind of decision? How has it worked out for you? What would you suggest that Beth (and the rest of us–my wife and I have had similar questions as we contemplate winding down our work schedules) consider?

1 thought on “Where Should I Move For Retirement?”

  1. Hi Beth,
    Not a lot of information there. Do you have family you’d like to be near or at least easy access to? Do you mind New England winters? What sort of lifestyle are you hoping to live? What are your financial restrictions? Is this a permanent situation or would you consider spending a year in New England, a year in Florida, a year in Europe and see which one best suits your needs?

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