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You've been betrayed. How can you heal?

How do you move on from betrayal? 

Why does betrayal hurt so much? Is it possible to forgive someone who betrayed you? How do you decide what to do about restoring the relationship you had with the person who betrayed you?

Dr. Bruce Chalmer’s Betrayal and Forgiveness will help you answer these questions and more.

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Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D.
Janis Abrahms Spring, Ph.D.Bestselling author of "After the Affair" and "How Can I Forgive You?"
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Dr. Chalmer offers clear, compassionate guidance on how to heal from betrayal. I recommend this book to both hurt parties and those who want to help them heal.
Katrina BosAuthor of "Tantric Intimacy"
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What a wonderful book! If you have ever felt betrayed in a relationship, Betrayal and Forgiveness is an important roadmap to being able to trust and love again. Through stories of betrayal in real-life people and couples, you will feel seen and understood. Then you will be taken on a journey of understanding, faith, and practical advice to find the most loving way forward. I loved Dr. Chalmer’s exploration of faith as part of the healing process. And I was dying to find out what happened to the couples. I’m so glad he told us!
MB Caschetta
MB CaschettaAuthor of "A Cheerleader's Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment"
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A guiding light for the betrayed, Dr. Bruce Chalmer's wise and compassionate book escorts you on a courageous journey toward understanding and forgiving others and yourself, after even the most devastating upheavals.
Jane Kast, M.A.Psychologist
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Whether you’re a client or a clinician, Dr. Bruce Chalmer’s latest book Betrayal and Forgiveness offers spectacular insight into the rich landscape of couples therapy. I highly recommend Betrayal and Forgiveness for clinicians and clients alike.
Karin Calde, Ph.D., CPCRelationship Coach and host of podcast "Love is Us"
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Bravo! "Betrayal and Forgiveness" is a clear, easy to read, and relatable book for anyone struggling with these topics. It gives clear guidance to those who have been stung by betrayal, those who have betrayed, and the therapists and coaches who work with them. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to understand how to navigate the aftermath of betrayal and for those who yearn to heal.
Dr. Deborah S. MillerAuthor of "More Than Sorry: 5 Steps to Deepen Your Apology After You Have Committed Infidelity"
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“Forgiveness is an inside job” is a powerful and necessary concept Dr. Chalmer motivates the reader to embrace.

You can heal. Dr. Bruce Chalmer’s Betrayal and Forgiveness shows you how. You’ll learn:

  • How to get through the shock of betrayal
  • Why forgiveness is important—and when you shouldn’t forgive
  • Three steps to forgiveness
  • Why a mindset of faith—not necessarily religious—is a vital part of healing
  • How to learn to trust yourself again
  • How to decide if you want to rebuild trust with the one who betrayed you
  • How to move on, together or separately, and find joy and gratitude again
  • How to make amends and heal if you’re the one who betrayed someone

You’ll meet twelve couples and follow their stories as they navigate the difficult journey from betrayal to resolution.

Betrayal and Forgiveness is for anyone who wants to heal, survive, and thrive after betrayal.

Now available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook!

If you’ve been hurt by betrayal–or helping those who have been hurt by betrayal–this book will guide and inspire you. Get your copy today–you’ll be glad you did!

Dr. Bruce Chalmer

About the Author

Dr. Bruce Chalmer is a psychologist in Vermont who has been working with couples for over thirty years. Through his teaching, consulting, writing, podcast, and videos about relationships, his ideas have helped thousands of couples and their therapists.

He has served in leadership positions in several Vermont Jewish communities, and is also a musician, composer, and choral director. He lives with his wife Judy Alexander in South Burlington. They have five adult children and six grandchildren.

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