Active, Collaborative, Respectful Couples Therapy

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Couple Intensives

Maybe you’re considering separation, or you’re dealing with conflict you haven’t been able to resolve, or you’ve lost the connection you once had.  Maybe you’re dealing with a relationship crisis, such as infidelity.  Or maybe your relationship is strong, and you want to reach a deeper level of intimacy, emotionally and sexually.  A Couple Intensive could be just what you need…(more)

Books About Couples Therapy by Dr. Chalmer

“Reading this book is like breathing fresh Vermont air—refreshing, inspiring, down-to-earth and filled with grounded wisdom that emerges from decades of practice as a therapist with hundreds of couples. Dr. Chalmer gives…(more)

Virtual Book Launch Party!

To celebrate the publication of my new book, Reigniting the Spark: Why Stable Couples Lose Intimacy, and How to Get It Back, we had a virtual party on Facebook Live! Here’s the recording of the event.

Dr. Chalmer’s blog

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