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Dr. Bruce Chalmer
Help for Couples

Dr. Chalmer specializes in working with couples. He brings to this work a wide-ranging curiosity and intelligence, an ability to connect with people, and a passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives. 

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Get Unstuck in Your Relationship

Whatever issues you may bring to therapy, be it infidelity, sexual issues, parenting concerns, or any other kind of relationship problem, Dr. Chalmer will help the two of you get past blame and find healing.

Check out Dr. Chalmer’s books, podcast, videos, and blog to learn more about how he works with you about a wide range of issues, including sex (and how to go from plain old sex to good sex to sacred sex), marriage, faith, cheating and healing from affairs, forgiveness, communication, aging, cross-dressing, porn, and many more topics.

Featured Podcasts

Astonished man

Oh No! Did My Ex’s Boyfriend Teach our Daughter the F-Word?

https://youtu.be/MTSMWJZRqII In this episode we talk about a short film, “The F-Word.” Besides being hilarious, this film touches on themes that often come up in couples work. What if parents differ about what constitutes appropriate conduct for their children? What if one parent thinks the other is doing something harmful to their children? We also

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Laurie Groh

Couples and Conflict: An Interview with Laurie Groh

https://youtu.be/ZY7L40Wh-NI How can couples navigate conflicts and differences? What are some of the challenges couples face at different stages of life? Our guest in this episode, Laurie Groh, applies her training from the Gottman Institute, Terry Real, Esther Perel, Harville Hendrix, and others to help couples heal. Laurie’s website is https://shoresidetherapies.com/.  Do you have ideas

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