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Resolve your relationship issues and deepen your connection, in a supportive and safe space.

Dr. Bruce Chalmer
Couples Therapist In South Burlington, VT

Dr. Chalmer is a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with couples. He brings to this work a wide-ranging curiosity and intelligence, an ability to connect with people, and a passion for helping people live happier, healthier lives. He uses his knowledge, skill, and long experience of couples therapy to help his clients achieve their goals.

What Do We Talk About In Couples Therapy?

Dr. Chalmer brings to this work a wide-ranging curiosity and intelligence, an ability to connect with people with warmth and humor, and a deep respect for the dignity of each person. Whatever issues you may bring to therapy, be it infidelity, sexual issues, parenting concerns, or any other kind of relationship problem, Dr. Chalmer will help the two of you get past blame and find healing. Check out Dr. Chalmer’s podcast, videos, and blog to learn more about how he works with you about a wide range of issues, including sex (and how to go from plain old sex to good sex to sacred sex), marriage, faith, cheating and healing from affairs, forgiveness, communication, aging, cross-dressing, porn, and many more topics.

Featured Podcasts

Erotic Charge Blog Post

Plugging in the Erotic Charge

How do you get that erotic “wow” factor in your relationship? Not just in your sex life, but when you’re doing the dishes? We answer a listener question, and along the way talk some about our own relationship too.

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OMG Blog

OMG – I Do Think She’s A Moron!

Polly and Cal came to therapy trying to improve their communication skills. Then one day they came into the session both smiling. Cal had realized something, and so had Polly, and it was making a big difference. What was their great insight?

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Is Therapy Working?

How Do I Know If Couples Therapy is Helping?

When you start couples therapy, how do you know if it’s helping? And how do you find a therapist in the first place? We help a listener who’s been through a bunch of therapy experiences that weren’t helpful, and is wondering how to know what to look for.

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Parents Heroes

Parents as Imperfect Heroes: An Interview with DJ Stutz

How are parents, imperfect as we all are, also heroes? How can a couple work together to help their children grow and thrive, even when the parents differ in their parenting styles? What’s the role of faith in parenting? In this episode of “Couples Therapy in Seven Words,” we interview early childhood expert DJ Stutz

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