Couples Sessions

Are You Ready for Couples Sessions?

Maybe you’re considering separating, or you’re dealing with conflict you haven’t been able to resolve, or you’ve lost the connection you once had. Maybe you’re dealing with a relationship crisis, such as infidelity. Or maybe your relationship is strong, and you want to reach a deeper level of intimacy, emotionally and sexually. Couples sessions with Dr. Chalmer could be just what you need to jump-start the changes you’re looking for.

What To Expect

You and your partner will meet with Dr. Chalmer for sessions of 50 or 90 minutes. The longer sessions are a great way to jump-start your healing. Since all sessions are by telehealth (using a HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom), you can attend from anywhere, even if the two of you are in separate places. Dr. Chalmer will guide the two of you in sessions designed to open your hearts, promote healing, handle conflicts more effectively, and help you find your path.

The Path To Healing

The longer sessions are a great way to begin your couples therapy. You might find that one or two 90-minute sessions are sufficient to get started, perhaps transitioning to 50-minute sessions after that. Or, even if you are already doing therapy, you might wish to schedule one or more longer sessions as a way of getting unstuck, clarifying difficult issues, and moving past obstacles in your work.

What, Not How

The relationship problems you’re having aren’t because you need better communication skills. The problem isn’t how you’re communicating. The problem is what you’re communicating.

It's Not About Communication

In my book, It’s Not About CommunicationI present the basic idea that the problems you are having are almost always not about communication. And if you think couples therapy should be about giving you tools to communicate better, you’re probably wrong.

People tend to follow communication rules when they’re doing well. But trying to follow the rules when you’re not doing well won’t make you do well. In fact, when a couple isn’t doing well, in the sense that they’re frequently in panic mode with each other, they find it impossible to follow the rules.

The solution you need is to be able to hear each other, and be honest with each other, without clicking into panic mode. That’s not easy! But that’s what couples therapy can help you with.

Check out the Common Questions section below on this page. Then click on “Schedule a Couples Session.” We’ll be in touch promptly–I actually respond to messages, almost always the same day.

Common Questions - Please read before scheduling a session using the button below

50 or 90 minutes. You determine how long the session will be, in consultation with Dr. Chalmer.

Dr. Chalmer offers sessions on a self-pay basis (he doesn’t bill insurance companies).

If his standard rates are unaffordable for you, suggest a rate that you can afford and Dr. Chalmer will try to accommodate you.

Dr. Chalmer can provide you with a statement you can use that allows you to use an HSA, FSA, or similar plan to reimburse yourself, or submit to insurance in case they offer reimbursement for out-of-network care. Consult your employer or financial advisor for information.

You and Dr. Chalmer determine together how often to schedule sessions. Some couples come weekly or every other week at first, and then transition to less frequent sessions. There’s no fixed pattern.

Dr. Chalmer is bound by confidentiality, and takes that responsibility very seriously. This means he does not communicate with anyone in a way that might identify you, without your explicit consent.

There are some legal exceptions to confidentiality: If Dr. Chalmer has reason to suspect child abuse, or abuse of a vulnerable adult, he is required to report that to the appropriate state agency. If Dr. Chalmer thought anyone he is working with might be a danger to self or others, he might have to break confidentiality to deal with an emergency situation. Of course, if you have any questions, contact Dr. Chalmer.

The fees for each session are as follows:

  • 50-minute session: $190
  • 90-minute session: $325

If those rates are unaffordable, suggest a rate you can afford and Dr. Chalmer will try to accommodate you.

You’ll be given access to a secure client portal for payments.

There’s no way to know in advance how many sessions you’ll need. Some couples are able to make the changes they’re looking for in just a few sessions, and some require more.

All sessions are by telehealth, using HIPAA-compliant software. The two of you can be in the same room, or in two different locations, which sometimes makes scheduling sessions more convenient.

If you cancel a session within 48 hours of its scheduled time, you can be charged the full fee for the session. No refund will be made for time not used if a session ends before its scheduled time.

Before you schedule an appointment, please see information about fees and policies above on this page. Once you’ve decided to schedule a session, please use the button below to fill out a signup form. Dr. Chalmer will contact you, usually the same day.

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Please see information about fees and policies at the Common Questions section of the Couples Sessions page. Once you’ve decided to schedule a session, please fill out the form below.

Couples Sessions

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